4 days, 45+ miles, from Puget Sound to Snoqualmie Falls
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Are You Doin' Some Stuff with the Bicycle Choir

Are You Doin’ Some Stuff with the Bicycle Choir

Work on “Are You Doin’ Some Stuff? A Journey into the Slow Movement Movement” the upcoming film documenting The Long Walk, 2011¬†is¬†progressing. It’s been difficult only in that there is so much great footage. Below is an outtake of The Bicycle Choir performing on a “stage” that is a repurposing of Sarah Kavage’s Grass Braid...
Field Trip with Sarah

Field Trip with Sarah

Last weekend Sarah Kavage and I took a field trip/site visit. It was one of those exceptional Seattle summer days where the weather is perfect. We walked parts of the RTS, visited The Falls, checked out our future camp sites, and ate two pounds of Rainier cherries.   Here are some of the things that...