Q) How can I participate?

A) The Long Walk requires self reliance and mutual aid. It will test your stamina. By agreeing to participate, you are taking full responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your possessions at all times. That said, anybody 21+ years and older interested in becoming a “trail tramper” can sign up to participate via Brown Paper Tickets starting June 20th at 1pm. Space is limited, so act fast!

Not up for the trek? You can join the group at the Mid-Point Mash-Up at McCormick Park in Duvall on Friday, July 27th or follow the journey and engage via Twitter (@susan_robb [#tlw2012]) and Facebook (The Long Walk Seattle).

Q) Are you walking for a cause? What is The Long Walk all about?

A) The Long Walk is an experiential art event. Our cause, if we have one, is to engage geography, community, and art in a unique way.

Q) How LONG is The Long Walk? How many miles do we walk per day?

A) Participants should be prepared to walk up to 18 miles per day, but daily mileage really ranges… some days will be short and sweet (9 miles) and others will test your stamina (16-18 miles).

Q) I’m going to get tired. Should I bring a tent and a sleeping bag?

A) Yes, please bring a tent, sleeping bag, Therm-a-Rest-type pad, and other personal items that you will need to be comfortable for four days and three nights. If you choose to participate, you will receive a survival guide with a  packing list of suggested (and necessary) items.

Q) I like walking, but I’m not so sure about carrying all that gear?

A) Well, you’re in luck! We have a support van that will carry all of your big stuff, but you should carry a small day-pack for water, snacks, camera, etc… while on the trails.

Q) I like walking with lots and lots of folks. How many people can participate?

A) For various logistical reasons The Long Walk itself is limited to 50 participants, though many more will follow the journey via Facebook and Twitter.  We will also be documenting the experience to share with a wide audience on a later date and the general public is invited to McCormick Park on Friday, July 27th to meet the group and specially invited artists. For more information about this event visit the “Join Us” page.

Q) Where are we walking?  Are there steep hills and switchbacks?

A) We’ll be walking from Puget Sound to Snoqualmie Falls using the King County Regional Trails System (RTS). Some of these trails are paved, some of them are packed gravel. Generally the grade is quite easy, though there are a few steep hills to climb.

Q) What about food? They call me a “Snackuum Cleaner”. What will I eat?

A) Well Mr./Ms. Snackuum Cleaner, breakfast in the form  of a fruits, cheese, artisan crackers,  health bars, and juice will be supplied by Whole Foods and  Caffe Vita will get us ready for the day by bringing us coffee and pastries (other snack sponsors include Lara Bar and Odwalla). Participants are responsible for their own lunch, and The Long Walk will fix you dinner. Unfortunately, The Long Walk cannot accommodate special dietary needs, so please keep that in mind.

Q) Can I ride my bike instead of walking?

A) To maintain cohesion in our band of trail trampers and experience the slowing down of time, all participants will walk together… no bikes, no skateboards, no horses. You can’t win The Long Walk.

Q) What about my dog? Poochie loves going on walks?

A) Well, Poochie is a lucky dog! Well-behaved dogs may join us. Please make sure you provide food, water, and litter bags for them.

Q) I like to stay connected and will want to Tweet, update my blog, and check in on Facebook. Will I be able to find a signal and charge my phone?

A) You will likely have a signal throughout most of The Long Walk, though there will be times when we’ll be out of reach. Each night there will be very limited access to power, so use your devices sparingly or consider bringing a solar charger.

Q) What if I’m having a terrible time and want to go home?

A) Well, we certainly hope that doesn’t happen. Fortunately, if it does, we are never that far from public transit back to Seattle.

Q) How do we get back to Seattle from Snoqualmie Falls?

A) We will ride back in the luxury and comfort of a bus…what took 4 days to walk, will take 45 minutes to drive!