Todd Shalom

Todd Shalom of Elastic City created a series of poetic, group actions - sound walks, object poems, and playing structures as if they were musical instruments.

Pictured here he is taking the group on a bedtime sound walk at Sand Point Magnuson Park, a defunct naval base.

Chef David Sanford

The table is set for Chef David Sanford's "Mess Hall" themed dinner at Sand Point, a defunct navel base.

Sarah Kavage

Sarah Kavage - Grass Braid, McCormick Park, Duvall, WA

Sarah Kavage - Grass Braid, McCormick Park, Duvall, WA

Seattle Phonographer’s Union

Seattle Phonographer's Union (Perrin Lynch and Pete Comely Jonathan Way) at the Train Depot, Duvall, WA

Seattle Phonographer's Union (Doug Haire and Suzie Kozawa) at the Train Depot, Duvall, WA

DK Pan and NKO

DK Pan and NKO, 66 Ways of Water Magic, gift giving ritual performed by participants

66 Ways of Water Magic, "Fern Dance" as performed by a group of dedicated Long Walkers.

Bicycle Choir

Bicycle Choir

Andrew Shmuely

Andrew Shmuely giving a talk about the psychogeographical derive.

Emilia Kennedy

Emilia Kennedy giving a talk about the concept of "landscape".

Seattle Experimental Animators Team (SEAT)

Seattle Experimental Animators Team (SEAT) projected animations created trail-side onto kites suspended from the rafters in a barn at Tolt MacDonald Park

Britta Johnson

Britta Johnson creating her stop animation earlier in The Walk for projection on the kite installation

Britta directing trail users in creating her stop-animation film.

Salise Hughes

Detail of animation cells created by Salise Hughes.

Jim Demetre

Throughout the journey botanist and arts writer Jim Demetre gave an oral history of the nutritional and medicinal uses of the plants we encountered.

Chef Matt Dillon

Chef Matt Dillon created an "Arab spring" themed feast for The Long Walk formal dinner

Arab Spring themed feast made with local ingredients

Chef Matt Dillon describing his travels and the foods he prepared for the dinner