Photo: Arthur Shwab

I’d like to introduce you to David Sanford. The Long Walk’s newest BFF.

Overhearing me talk about needing more help  feeding The Long Walkers, David volunteered for the position. After chatting with David and learning that his goal is to “create experiences that remind people of our fundamental human connectedness and that a shared meal is one of the best ways to do so”, it’s a natural fit.

Besides his former role as Program Director at The Corson Building, David also created a series of “family meals” hosted in various Seattle-area artist lofts, restaurants, urban farms, and has worked with Outstandinginthefield.

He is concocting a plan to serve even more family meals. David didn’t divulge too much but he did tell me that he is working on a  a new restaurant, slated to open in Ballard, WA, in Autumn 2011.

Get on his mailing list to receive announcements about the opening at or follow him (@bigsanford)

Photo: David Sanford