Portrait of Jim captured exquisitely by Daniel Carillo

I recently met with Jim Demetre, one of  Seattle’s (few) art critics and the publisher and editor of Artdish, an online journal of Northwest art criticism.  He is also a noted horticulturist, landscape designer, naturalist, and former gardener for the City of Seattle. We talked about punk rock, the necessity of the sense of discovery within the urban environment, and plants.

Jim has an astounding knowledge of local flora and has previously given talks about plants, perception, and the practice of gardening and the Witt Winter Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum for Hedreen Gallery.

Throughout our pedestrian adventure, Demetre will reveal evidence of the dialogue that exists between us and the surrounding flora through his long-held interest in the traditional, folkloric associations of every plants, from the most astonishing large tree to the common roadside weed. His informal talks will also contain information about ancient and contemporary practices of foraging and cultivation and the history of sustenance and healing.