In 2012, Matt Green walked across the US, from Rockaway Beach in New York to Rockaway Beach in Oregon, in 152 days pushing his belongings in a converted Runabout stroller. Walking simply makes him happy. He knew where he was headed but had no idea who he’d meet or what he’d see. Depending on where he was each night, he would knock on people’s doors and ask if he could pitch a tent on their property. Often these people would invite him in. His journey is perceptively documented with photos taken from his cell phone. You can view the chronicle of that trek here

Walking is the truest way to get to know your home, whether that’s your our backyard, you neighborhood, your city , or your country.





These days, Matt is back in New York walking every street in Manhattan. His blog says “instead of seeing a million places for just a minute each, I’m going to spend a million minutes exploring just one place. By the time I finish walking every block of everystreet in all five boroughs, I’ll have traveled about 8000 miles on foot — all within a single city.” Again, his blog is filled with insight and great photos.