Photo: Susan Robb

…was last night.

Chef Matt Dillon and the Corson Building Crew (including Rosie The Goat) threw down an amazing Bastille Day Soiree, Georgetown stylee, at the Corson Building compound in Seattle.

Oysters, rosé, delicious snacks, old friends, new friends, The Vis à Vis SocietyEldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme (Eldridge has a complex wardrobe that combines equal parts utili-kilt, The Commitments, and Desperately Seeking Susan to great effect) and just plain old good vibes!

Picture here is my new friend Emily. We were bonding over how our dogs show their love and disapproval of us. Mine by ingesting my “intimates”, hers by painstakingly taking her shoes one by one from her closet and lining them up, in the exact same order, by the front door.